Which payment options are there?
You can pay by bank transfer in advance or by invoice within 31 days, the account information can be found on your invoice.
If I generate a football table, is that already an order?
No, with the football table generator on our website you simply send us and nonbinding inquiry with your contact data. We will then contact you, either by email or by phone, and make an offer.
How can I get a football table for free?
If you are in our catchment area around Cologne and e.g. operate a bar, we will give you a football table free of charge (even without delivery costs) and share the game earnings. For more information, see Rent – Shared Earnings.
Can I use the internet functions of the kicker indefinitely?
If you rent a football table from us (also with shared income), you can use the internet functions (PayPal payment, web portal with game explanation, remote control and streaming of scores) permanently and free of charge. If you buy a football table, there is a monthly service fee. Since the exact amount depends on your individual needs, we will provide it to you on request.

Football Table:

Can I have a logo painted on the kicker?
If you have the rights to the logo, we are happy to spray monochrome logos. We can also glue on or screw on colored logos. Just indicate your ideas in your generator request.
Can you paint the football table in colors that are not mentioned on the website?
Of course, we can do that. In that case, just let us know about your desired paint. Just mention your wishes in your generator inquiry.
How much space do I need to set up a football table?
For comfortable playing, a space of at least 2.60 m (rod side + player) x 1.60 m (football table length) should be available.


Can I borrow a football table?
Yes, you can borrow a football table on a daily basis for your event, on a monthly basis or for free with shared earnings for your pub. More information can be found on our website in the section rent.
If I send you a leasing request, is it binding?
No, only once we send you an individual offer and you then agree to it, a contract is concluded. Before that, everything remains a non-binding request.
How does the transportation work?
Either you take care of the collection and return yourself, or we organize the transport within a 30km radius of Cologne-Niehl for € 149. We charge €1/km for each additional kilometer.
What do I have to pay attention to at my venue?
The doors should have a width of at least 134 cm, for narrower doors or accesses that are not at ground level, we charge a small surcharge. For comfortable playing, a space of at least 2.60 m x 1.60 m should be available.
Do I have to be there when the football table is delivered and picked up?
No, it is enough if someone is on-site who can give us access and who knows where the football table should be set up.
What if my event cannot take place as planned due to Covid?
Due to the current situation, all rental contracts can be postponed free of charge if notice is given at least a week in advance.


How does the shipping work when I buy a football table?
Either you pick up your football table yourself, or we make an appointment with you and deliver it to you within a 30 km radius of Cologne-Niehl for € 69 including installation. We charge € 0.50/km for each additional kilometer.


How long does it take until I get my football table?
Of course, crafting your individual football table takes some time. It usually takes about a month until your football table is ready. If we have a finished football table body in stock we might also be faster.
How long does my warranty last?
The warranty lasts two years.
Is there a repair service?
Yes, we will gladly send you individual spare parts. For other repairs, which are not covered by the guarantee, we can send you an offer for a repair on request.
When will you contact me?
Generally, we try to contact you as soon as possible. You can assume that you will hear from within the next day, at most within the next three days. If this does not happen, check your spam folder or send us your request again.


What should I watch out for with public kickers with time-dependent special prices?
With time-dependent special prices, you can change the price of a game at certain times or days. If you select the free game, one ball is released once at the selected time for a free game. After this game is over, the customer will be charged again. Note that if you select a special price of 0 € at a certain time, the football table will allow one last free game after the price has increased again. The same is true if you change the standard price from 0 € to another price.