Private Version

This version is intended for the free use of the football tables, i.e. you can play without paying. The balls are returned to the ball cup after a goal and are thus immediately available for playing again.
This version is the right one for all private users who want to share the football table with family or friends, or for companies who want to offer their employees a variety for their lunch break. This version is also useful if you want to rent the kicker for an event and your guests should be able to play for free. It is also suitable for bars that generally want to give their customers free use of football tables.

Public Version

This version contains several additional elements compared to the private version: There is a coin counter that accepts coins between 5 cents and 2 Euros. A cash box is attached under the kicker, which stores the coins safely and can be emptied easily. Ball locks ensure that you can only play if you have paid. Since the hanshanshans football table always knows the current goal score, it only releases a single ball.
The price can be adjusted via the software – and it can even be set variably depending on the day or time. For example, you can offer a happy hour at 6 p.m. or increase the price on weekends. If you set the price to 0 €, your kicker works like the private version and you can play for free. You can also offer single free games at specific times.

Public Premium Version

The premium version includes a computer and a sound system. Internet functions (PayPal payment, remote control, streaming of scores) and sound playback can be used without external devices. A matching shot tray for the drinking game is also included.